Farmed Animals
The egg and dairy industries present the largest, and most challenging, animal welfare problems in the state of Florida. Help us to expose the cruelties of modern factory farming.
Florida's dairy industry
Florida's egg industry
Florida's historic ban on gestation crates
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Companion Animals
ARFF works in support of regulations that encourage the spaying and neutering of dogs and cats to decrease the number of animals killed in Florida's shelters.
ARFF's Mobile Spay/Neuter Clinic

Animal Cruelty
Animal fighting
Report animal abuse (report animal abuse or neglect in your community)

Animals Exploited for Entertainment
We need your help to stop the neglect and cruel treatment of animals in the circus, rodeo and at attractions across the state.
Cole Bros. Circus
Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Circus
Shrine Circus
Florida's solitary circus elephants

Greyhound racing
Jungle Island (formerly Parrot Jungle)
Marine parks and aquariums
– "Worst of Florida" animal attractions

Animals in Laboratories
Thousands of animals each year are exploited in laboratories in Florida.
Introduction (animal research in Florida, Dissection, Product Testing)
Scripps Research Institute Florida

Protecting Florida's Wildlife
Florida is blessed with an incredible diversity of wild animals, but an increasing human population, pollution, hunting and sport fishing threaten the well-being of animals in our state.
"Non-native" wildlife
Green iguanas
Muscovy ducks
Wild pigs
Ornamental animals (swans, flamingos)
Private possession of exotic animals
Exotic "pet" incidents in Florida

Legislative Action
Animal advocates have won tremendous victories for animals in Florida through the political process. Learn how you can get involved.
2013 legislative session

Library & Resources
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